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Yes, I know I'm a mage. You don't have to keep using it like it's some sort of insult.
Lexus Trevelyan
Early 20s
5' 10
Dark grey
10th of Molioris [Bloomingtide]
Healing, lightning, short blades
Rogues, attractive magisters
Earthy foods, affection, soft music
Demons, tomatoes, blood magic


      Lexus has a lean body, leaning more toward slender. Growing up in a Circle has taught him to to use his magic for most problems, but that doesn't mean that he can't use his staff when the situation calls for it. Over time, after traversing all over Thedas, he does build up strength and some muscle. His skin tone is pale, with subtle changes after spending time under the blazing sun or in the Deep Roads. He tends to burn like nobodies business, though.
      He has medium length, dark brown hair that he tries to keep in check. It usually turns into a mess of dark locks by the middle of the day, much to his dismay. It also curls wildly after a good soaking.
      His eyes are a dark grey, with a few touches of blue.
      Shaving is high on his list of priorities, but he doesn't always have the time or tools to keep himself clean-shaven.
      On the palm of his left hand is what is known as a Fade mark; a green, glowing mark that responds to breaches in the Fade and to his output of magic. It is almost always throbbing with a mild ache, and is (most of the time) just barely glowing, and thus, not really noticeable. It is not harmful to anyone but demons, as far as he knows. It is sensitive to the touch.
      As for clothes, Lexus prefers robes made with high quality materials, showing his noble childhood. Blacks and blues are his colors of choice, and the more comfortable, the better. If he has to march all day, he might as well do it in comfort.
      He has ear piercings (a round silver stud in each ear), but no tattoos.

      A good-natured, helpful sort; Lexus will try to save everyone if he can. If he cannot, it will hurt him deeply, but he will try not to let it show. He does have a mischievous side, though he’s too concerned with how his companions think of him to go too far, and does not like being treated like an inferior (he may have grown up in the Circle, but he was born a noble, after all).
      Leadership does not come easy to him. He's far too used to others (both mage and templar alike) guiding his actions, and at first, depends a little too much on his advisors to show him the way. He will most likely end up making decisions early on that will come back to bite him in the ass later.
      His alignment would be somewhere between Lawful Good and Neutral Good. He wants to do the best thing for everyone, and has a hard time seeing the consequences of such a 'noble' action.
      While Lexus likes having and making friends, he is not prone to physical affection (hugs, handshakes, the like). However, he does greatly enjoy being treated with such affection himself, though he has a tendency to shy away from it in public. Is embarrassed easily, especially with/around a significant other.

Concerning Intimacy:
      In a relationship, Lexus will be the 'submissive' partner, so to speak. He prefers having a partner he can listen to and learn from, as he lacks confidence (in the beginning of a relationship, anyway). He likes to be reassured that he is doing well/doing something right, and enjoys giving his partner pleasure as much he does does receiving it. Tends to be playful once he is comfortable and at ease, though he still has a hard time of saying just exactly what he wants.
      He has never fallen in love, though there have been a few crushes here and there while growing up in the Circle.
      Has a hard time actually telling someone that he wants or likes them; will endlessly beat around the bush unless persuaded (or 'helped') into revealing his feelings. Alcohol and/or near-death experiences will loosen his tongue, however.